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* Select what you would like to track by, container, B/L, booking, or P.O. number.
* You may enter more than 1 up to 12 numbers of the same type in the text boxes provided below.
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Track by Container No. B/L No. Booking No. P.O. No.

Alternatively you can try...

Email tracking
Track your cargo by sending email with your container or B/L numbers.

Tracking report subscription
Simply leave your email address, required container, B/L numbers. Once anything occured, you will receive a rapid and accurate container status, exception, vessel arrival, vessel delay report via email automatically until shipment is picked up. You will also be notified of updated status without constantly checking with our web site.

Shipment control
Set up your preferences, and our system will send container status, exception, vessel arrival, vessel delay reports for all of your shipments automatically.