Export booking Rules & notes of guidance

1.2 For all container collections, the booking time advised is considered as an advisory only of the preferred arrival time. A time of up to 60 minutes before or 90 minutes after the booked time is considered as on time.

1.3 In the event that Yang Ming have given prior notice of an arrival time of more than 60 minutes before or 90 minutes after the preferred arrival time and this is accepted by the customer, then arrival within this time is considered as on time.  

1.4 Free time of vehicle detention will commence from the time of arrival. In the event containers that are      en-route or have arrived in accordance with 1.1 to 1.3 above are rejected, a cancellation fee amounting to the total round trip cost or £400 whichever is greater plus container usage and lift charges will be due.

1.5 Any wasted journeys, cancellation or container usage fees will be subject to VAT

·         Containers already collected from the container yard prior to cancellation or wasted journey including any containers returned empty to our stock under merchant haulage basis, will also be subject to depot lift and container usage charges per Yang Ming tariff in force at the time of booking.

In the event of late provision of a load reference (where required), a late loading reference advice charge of £90 will be applicable. This is in addition to any vehicle detention that is incurred as a result of delayed loading of the vehicle presented whilst the reference is obtained & passed on to the haulier. 

YM require following VGM data to be provided, failure to do so may result in additional costs for merchants account:

VGM weight

Method of weighing (SM1 or SM2)

Name of party providing the declaration

Authorised name/signature

Yang Ming (UK) Limited respectfully advise that failure to declare the seal number (s) on your shipping instructions will constitute Yang Ming considering the shipping instructions incomplete. A delay in documentation production will occur whilst said information is sought & moreover, a charge will be imposed of £50 per container to cover additional costs incurred obtaining said missing information.

Any claims, liabilities, further costs, expenses and/or fines associated with, arising from or incurred as a result (including by virtue of the denial of a defence) of, a container not being sealed or being sealed with anything other than a secure Yang Ming bolt seal and/or the merchant failing to record and provide the seal number in good time, shall be for the Merchants account.

Customers are also directed toward the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp bill of lading & in particular clause 9 - 'Container packed by merchant - merchant's responsibility'.

Hazardous cargo must be presented by the shipper for shipment in accordance with the IMDG code and additional regulations pertaining to the country of destination. Containers must be properly placarded & be accompanied by a signed packing certificate.

Hazardous containers delivered to the port by the merchant prior to acceptance by Yang Ming (or in the case of a chartered vessel, the relevant vessel operator), are at the merchants own risk. The Merchant accepts that carrier haulage can only be arranged once cargo is accepted by Yang Ming and/or the relevant vessel operator. Furthermore, transport arrangement may require 2 working days between time of acceptance and loading time.

Once loaded, customer must provide on email to transport@uk.yangming.com & cc booking@uk.yangming.com, details for terminal booking according to below format.

Booking Ref / Vessel / Port of Destination / Container number / Size / Cargo Wt. / Seal Number /

Refrigerated: Y/N Carrying Temp: Deg. C.



Class / UN / LTD QT - Y/N / Marine Pollutant - Y/N /

Out of Gauge (CMS) / Over Left Side / Over Right Side / Over Height / Over length

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your booking and for your continued support of Yang Ming Line. Should you wish to express any comment about the Yang Ming service received, be it a compliment, complaint or suggestion, we would welcome your feedback. Please visit our web site www.yangming.co.uk & click on customer feedback. Your comments will be incorporated in our continual review of our service provided.

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