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   Customer Advisory - Restitution issues at the Port of Felixstowe 26 Sep 2016

It has been brought to our attention that some Hauliers and Freight Forwarders have circulated to customers false and misleading  information that the Port of Felixstowe have been refusing to accept Yang Ming empty containers on the Port Terminal.

Yang Ming equipment has never been refused at the Port of Felixstowe and our operation continues  uninterrupted.

Should any of our Customers hear of, or receive, such false information, we would very much appreciate an alert in order that we may take appropriate action.

As a secondary matter, Yang Ming are aware that delays are being experienced at the rail terminal. It is recommended that Importers delivering empty containers back to the port by rail, check with their operator first to avoid potential delays & extraneous costs. Customers are reminded that containers do not come under YM’s control until the container is returned to the Port (Trinity) terminal. Detention may well accrue if there is a delay in moving containers from the rail terminal to the Port terminal.

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