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   Update Barzan 1532 Westbound and Eastbound 16 Sep 2015

p class="MsoNormal">Further update received from vessel operator.


Due berth availability at Felixstowe, vessel will call at London Gateway to discharge UK import cargo and return to Felixstowe later to load export cargo.


Revised European schedule as follows:


 Port                            ETA                             ETBerth                                   ETD                            

London Gateway         19/Sep 1500 hrs         19/Sep 1700hrs                      21/Sep 0500 hrs                    


Hamburg                     22/Sep 0500 hrs         22/Sep 1130 hrs                     24/Sep 1130 hrs


Felixstowe (load)         25/Sep 0700 hrs         25/Sep 0900 hrs                     27/Sep 0500 hrs


Zeebrugge                   27/Sep 1400 hrs         27/Sep 1530 hrs                     28/Sep 1730 hrs


Rotterdam (load)         29/Sep 0100 hrs         29/Sep 0230 hrs                     30/Sep 0830 hrs


Arrive Suez canal 08/Oct 2300 hrs 6 days behind long term schedule.



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