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   New Service ex UK to Piraeus May 2015 21 May 2015

Yang Ming wish to inform customers of our new service ex the UK to Piraeus, please see below for transit details

Piraeus 14 days transit

The destinations we can serve via Piraeus listed below

Thessaloniki 19 days transit

Varna 18 days transit

Poti 20 days transit

Novorossiysk 18 days transit

Constanta 18 days transit

Limassol 26 days transit

Gemlik 21 days transit

Haydarpasa 18 days transit

Istanbul 20 days transit

Izmir 23 days transit

Mersin 24 days transit

Ashdod 21 days transit

Haifa 20 days transit

Transit times subject to vessels immediate transhipment

If you require rates please contact our sales department at sales@uk.yangming.com

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