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E-Service Schedule Booking B/L Process Yang Ming UK Ltd
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Switchboard: 01708 776 900
Department direct line: 01708 776 925
Group email: booking@uk.yangming.com.
*If your email is urgent, we recommend that you use the group-email and not the individual's email address.

Role Name TEL/DDI Mobile Email
Customer Services ManagerVincent Walker01708 776 908-vincentwalker@uk.yangming.com
Export booking team SupervisorJim Clarricoats01708 776 925jimclarricoats@uk.yangming.com
Export booking co-ordinatorDawn Dennis01708 776 925-dawndennis@uk.yangming.com
Export booking co-ordinatorJamie Green01708 776 925-jamiegreen@uk.yangming.com
Export booking co-ordinatorJeffrey Mead01708 776 925-jeffreymead@uk.yangming.com
Export booking co-ordinatorPrashika Shetty01708 776 925prashikashetty@uk.yangming.com
Export booking co-ordinatorThomas Hunt01708 776 925-thomashunt@uk.yangming.com

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